Colorado Blue Cliff Pheasants LLC

Due to Brendas health this is our last year.

We really enjoyed all the hunters coming out.

Please help us get as many hunts as possible

by Dec 22 2018. We really need the holidays off. Hunters who pre paid for birds will be reembursed for birds left over.



14030 County Road 28
Karval, CO 80823-9611

Our last day of hunting Dec 22 2018.

Then the doors and fields will be closed.


                                       You will have a designated area to hunt in and no other area is allowed. No hunting around pens,


                                                                          12 Pheasants 50/50 mix  Prices are: Oct  $230   Nov $240

                                                                            3 to 4 hours time in your designated area only.

                                                                            1 - 4 hunters may share this hunt.

                                                                                  Gratuities are appreciated for guides.


                                                                           24 Pheasant 50/50 mix Prices are: Oct $460.00 Nov $480

                                                                             4 hour max time in your designated area only

                                                                                 Gratuities are appreciated for guides.

                                                                                    1 - 6 hunters may share this hunt.    

                                                                                  Guide and dog available for extra charge.
                                                                                  Pay the guides by check or cash



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